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Don't hire a vendor, gain a partner.

MMI Dining is a leader in the hospitality and dining service industry with over 50 years experience.

Let us do the same for you.

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Customized dining solutions for every client.

While every dining room is unique, many guests have one thing in common: sitting down for a meal is the highlight of their day. But how can you meet these high expectations in an economical way? MMI Dining partners with schools, care centers, businesses, and more to create innovative dining programs that deliver delicious, healthy food within your budget.

We take foodservice off your plate.

Wherever food is served and no matter the environment or volume – employee cafeterias, private clubs, healthcare facilities or schools – MMI Dining possesses the highly specialized skills mix required to handle it.

Learn more about our markets

Learn more about our markets

Serving quality that exceeds expectations.

Whether you're hosting an upscale banquet or running a poolside snack bar, it's important to provide guests with food that doesn't disappoint. At MMI Dining, our delicious meals made with fresh, healthy ingredients are perfect for any event or operation. From elegant to casual, customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Learn more about our food

Learn more about our food


Working with MMI Dining has been a quality experience since the first day of working together.

MMI Dining melds the skills diversity of its management team with a clear and common sense mission:

To provide dining services, in all their varied facets, with unmatched quality, delivery, efficiency and value, bringing its skills and economies of scale to bear on the needs of the client.

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Are you seeking a dining management job? Or are you just starting your restaurant career?

Since 1956, MMI Dining has been an innovative, people-oriented hospitality management and investment company. As we continue to grow we are always looking for experienced hospitality-minded professionals.

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