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Health and Wellness Are Our Priority

MMI Dining strives to provide healthy meal plans full of great-tasting food. With every meal, we offer a variety of healthy options to make sure no diner goes unsatisfied. From partnering with local growers in order to guarantee fresh produce, to working with registered dietitians to ensure a balanced diet—MMI Dining takes nutrition and wellness to the next level.

MMI Dining Code of Standards for Healthy Meal Plans:

  • MMI-approved vendors provide all ingredients.
  • We use top quality fresh USDA choice meats, Grade A poultry, and USDC Grade A fish.
  • Fresh and frozen vegetables are used for nutritional values.
  • We use pesticide-free, organic, locally-sourced produce when available.
  • Our menus are written to follow seasonal trends.
  • We offer a variety of bread products which include whole-grain options.
  • A balanced deli and salad bar is available with low fat options.
  • We offer only 100% fruit juice.
  • All foods are primarily prepared with fresh herbs and low sodium ingredients.
  • Fresh fruits are available daily.
  • We take every opportunity to bake or broil food to avoid frying.
  • Food is prepared in peanut-free oils.
  • All dairy products are offered in low fat options.
  • We offer color-coded utensils to identify nutritional values.
  • All menus are approved by MMI Dining nutritionists.

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