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Candice Brewster


Candice Brewster

District Manager

Candice Brewster boasts a rich 30-year tenure in the hospitality industry, hailing from Mississippi with roots in Madison before settling in Flowood post-college. Her educational journey took her through Culinary Arts at Valencia College and Business Management studies at the University of Central Florida, equipping her with a diverse skill set.

Recognized for her adept problem-solving skills, Candice has consistently elevated customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and crafted unique food experiences, menus, and proposals. Her entrepreneurial spirit blossomed early with the establishment of “Lit’l Gourmet” in downtown Jackson, where she cultivated a loyal clientele and specialized in corporate catering. This success propelled her to launch “Candy’s Confections,” a hub for gourmet desserts and confectionery delights, drawing patrons from far and wide.

Embracing her passion for culinary craftsmanship and community, Candice founded Taste Bistro and Desserts, curating delightful meals and sweets from scratch with the finest ingredients. Transitioning into the corporate realm, she held pivotal roles as Business Development Manager for Eat Here Brands and District Executive Chef with Compass Group’s Chartwell’s Division.

Candice’s mission has always been to unite people through the joys of food and camaraderie. Now serving as District Manager at MMI Dining, she harmonizes her love for food and operational finesse within the educational landscape. Overseeing foodservice operations in higher education and K-12 accounts, Candice mentors unit managers to cultivate exceptional teams, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction and setting a standard of excellence across all MMI Clients.