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Serving Students from Kindergarten to College

MMI Dining serves students, faculty, and staff in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities. We are able to suggest school dining services and meal plan offerings—but we are also willing to work with you to determine if there are better options to fit your needs.

We monitor plans, advise on potential changes, and also collaborate with university and student committees to reach goals of sustainability and quality nutrition.

Fuel Students With Healthy Meal Options

Offering healthy options that are popular with students is a top priority. Students have the ability to pick and choose from multiple concepts. Our school dining services use healthy cooking techniques to make student-friendly meals as low in fat and calories as possible. Fresh fruits, salad bars with low-fat dressings, and steamed vegetables are always available in our cafes. In addition, turkey hot dogs and burgers, oven-fried items, baked chicken and fish are other healthy options we frequently prepare.

Our team will work tirelessly to accomplish all your goals and objectives. We manage all the administrative functions of your school dining services, from budget projections to monthly reporting. We will take care of the many tasks required in your dining operation so that you can do what you do best—run a school and educate students.


Colleges and Universities

Campus dining with an inviting atmosphere.

K-12 Dining

Well-balanced, customized school meal programs.

School Administrator

For over forty years, as a school administrator, eating literally thousands of meals in school cafeterias in many schools and with a large variety of vendors, I have never worked with a more professional, caring, and accommodating group as MMI Dining.

School Administrator