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College and University Dining

Expand Your Options

When you have prospective students and visitors on your campus, first impressions matter. Your college and university catering options should be a selling point for students and faculty candidates. All successful campus cafeterias offer consistency, a variety of foods, and an inviting atmosphere. MMI Dining serves as a partner for institutions of higher learning to reach these goals. We serve your students, visitors, faculty, and staff in a variety of settings.

Traditional College and University Catering

MMI Dining plans and executes upscale events at colleges and universities with exceptional quality and presentation. Our team produces these events with any budget or style—from 10 guests to over 5,000—so that your event is memorable.

We focus on every detail—from top to bottom—in order for you to focus on the mission of your event. As your partner, we provide beautifully prepared and delicious food, upscale design, and a courteous staff to make your guests feel special.

The food for your event is entirely customizable. We welcome events that require custom menus, ethnic menus, and other special requests. Also, we are accustomed to catering in a university President’s home and understand the diplomacy required to service important guests in such a private setting.

MMI Dining employs a dedicated catering staff to execute events. In addition, we will also partner with other local properties for additional resources and expertise as needed.

Dining Halls, On-Campus Cafeterias, and Residential Dining

You Speak, We Listen—Continuous Improvement

MMI Dining provides programs dedicated to improving campus life. Specifically, by soliciting feedback from students, faculty, and staff through surveys and Mystery Diners, we learn and understand their challenges, needs, and concerns. Our team constantly reviews menus, events, staffing levels, and processes, in order to discover what is working and what can be improved.

Student Food Committees

A student food committee helps MMI Dining better analyze the students’ issues, requests, thoughts, palates, and makes necessary changes to the menu or monthly programs. In effect, food committees often drive satisfaction scores. In our experience, input from our clients is invaluable.

We listen, accept constructive criticism, and improve our services. As a result, there is an improved quality of life that helps recruit and retain students. After all, these successful dining programs are financially beneficial for everyone.


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I have people ask me all the time who catered our events and they are surprised that it wasn’t an outside caterer. The food was great and the presentation is always so tastefully done and stylish. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.