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Senior Living

Service When It Matters Most

MMI Dining is uniquely qualified in the high volume, high quality demands of retirement, long term care, and senior living food service operations. Nearly six decades of management and ownership experience in hospitality gives us the advantage in providing the personal touch to our customers. We understand the high expectations of residents and the competitive aspects of the retirement community and healthcare market. Building on our experience, capabilities, and creativity, we deliver a dining program that combines nutrition, quality, variety, and cost containment for ultimate satisfaction.

Customized Options in Senior Living Food Service

Resident In-Room Dining Service

We understand that there are times when residents are unable to attend dinner in dining rooms. In that case, we believe that the dining experience should extend to them in their own room. We call this “In-Room” dining.

In-Room dining meals offer the same selection offered in the dining room, but delivered to their room. This dining program addresses food quality and the temperature requirements that go along with serving a meal. We ensure that delicious meals are prepared with care and served with a smile.

Modeled from the hotel room-service concept, In-Room dining consequently extends our ability to provide hospitality-centered service beyond the four walls of the dining room.

Resident Eater-tainment

MMI Dining’s branded Eater-tainment program injects excitement into resident menus. Should the facility choose, we provide a monthly feature Eater-tainment meal that promotes a themed holiday or special occasion meal. These meals follow our program strategy for providing resident meals that support dining dignity, comfort, familiarity, nutrition, good taste, and fun. For example, Mother’s and Father’s Day meals, Mardis Gras and Cinco de Mayo events, and monthly birthday celebrations.

Puree Dining Program

Our Puree Dining Program provides residents with a positive dining experience that fosters independence. Equally important, it supports self-esteem and dignity while providing a nourishing, pleasant meal experience. In contrast with an institutional meal, the Puree Dining Program model offers a personalized dining experience.

This program requires a different level of cooking expertise with specialized training in modifying foods to puree consistency. Preparing puree meals requires creativity and an interest in creating visually appealing meals. Additionally, it requires specialized products and tools, which is why it is one of the more challenging dietary meal modifications to prepare.

The MMI Resource Chef provides culinary training to equip staff with the skill-set to transform any meal into its pureed form. In fact, the Food and Nutrition/Chef works with MMI’s Resource Chef to preserve and enhance flavor, nutritional content, and proper texture modification.

Our mission, is to create high-quality, appetizing, appealing and enjoyable puree meals for residents. Our standards are:

  • Appetizing in appearance.
  • Resembles the regular diet to the greatest extent possible.
  • Great taste.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Pureeing resident meals to the proper consistency using only fresh ingredients.
  • Preparing fresh pureed items, then shaping, molding, and freezing them.
  • Placing puree items onto plates and then re-thermalized just prior to the time of service.

Valuing Residents Feedback

As your partner, we will call upon a group of residents to be the voice for the entire community. The Resident Council will provide feedback on menu suggestions and on planning special events. This group serves as the backbone of the program, while elevating the level of satisfaction among all residents.


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It amazes us, that small kitchen can produce such gourmet meals for 200 plus people, served with smiles and grace, and make a very pleasant evening for us all. We appreciate you for the great work you are doing… Keep the good food coming!